Data Summary for Global Superstore

This graph shows the profit earned by Global Superstore in each of the United States. As you can see our most profitable states are California, New York, and Washington. We have sustained negative profits in Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. We may want to consider dropping some of these markets.

California is our largest domestic market. Note the general trend of increasing sales from 2011 to November 2014. Our profits also follow a seasonal pattern with peak values around the July and November months.

Let's take a deeper look into our California Profits. When we sort by category we see that the largest share of our profits can be attributed to sales of Office Supplies with Technology profits also strong. Furniture is by far our weakest category of product, perhaps due to relatively high cost to ship these products.

Let's look at our current projections for future quantity of sales in California. As you can see from our forecast estimates, we expect to see profits in California hold steady over the next year or so. This suggests that our current order processing and infastructure will be sufficient for California orders in the near future. It may also indicate a need to make significant changes in our current operations if we want to see significant growth.


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